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Levels of Membership


An Associate member is any individual who is interested in furthering his/her knowledge and awareness of, or interest in the preservation, support or advancement of the paralegal profession, but who is not otherwise eligible for membership as a Voting member or Student member. Associate members may not vote or be nominated for the Board of Directors or chair committees, and must pay an annual $85 membership fee. Associate Membership may include: An instructor in the field of paralegal training or anyone connected in an official capacity with a school or college conducting a course for paralegal training; A former Voting Member no longer employed in the field; Paralegals employed in states other than Wisconsin who do not reside in Wisconsin; and other individuals as may be approved by the Membership Committee, including but not limited to lawyers, legal secretaries, legal administrators and law librarians


Student members are the future of the paralegal profession, and the Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc. extends all of its membership benefits to Student members except the authority to vote or be nominated for the Board of Directors and chair committees. To apply for a Student membership, you must be currently enrolled in a paralegal training program, receive a certification of enrollment from an instructor, and pay an annual $50 membership fee. You may also apply for Student membership if you have graduated from a paralegal training program within the past twelve months, but do not have a legal-oriented position.


Voting members may participate fully in Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc. activities. To qualify for Voting membership the applicant must have at least five qualified continuing education (CLE) credits in the previous calendar year, perform paralegal duties at least 80% of your time, work or reside in the State of Wisconsin, and pay an annual $105 membership fee. In addition, the following may be considered: (1) applicant holds the State Bar of Wisconsin Certified Paralegal designation; (2) relevant education, training, or work experience.; or (3) training or experience in a specialty area. If you qualify for Voting membership, you are precluded from the other types of membership.



Meet new paralegals, form friendships and relationships with professionals in the paralegal field in your legal community.

Information on Paralegal Regulation

With Wisconsin being on the cutting edge of licensure, get the most up-to-date information, quickly and accurately.

Advance Notice of Available Jobs

Find out about new jobs even before they even hit the newspapers.

Mentor Program

Participate in our Mentor Program - receive expert guidance whether you are new to a field of practice, in a new geographical area, or new to the profession. Veteran paralegals can be Mentors and gain satisfaction by helping paralegals become more valuable.

Up-to-Date News

Stay informed and up-to-date about our profession on our Web site and in the "Members Only" section about what's happening in our state and across our country.

CLE Opportunities

Gain valuable information from informative guest speakers during sponsored meetings and at the Annual Seminar.  Enjoy special discounts from other CLE providers.

Make a Difference!

Take the opportunity to make a difference in your profession by serving on the Board of Directors of the Association - Get involved in your community by participating in local Chapter-involved events.

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