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Our Purpose

  • To assume responsibility for leadership and enlightenment of the bench, bar and public regarding the competency, importance and value of paralegals.

  • To promote a broader understanding and acceptance of paralegals as indispensable to the delivery of legal services.

  • To stimulate and encourage the establishment and maintenance of training, educational facilities and programs for persons interested in the profession.

  • To conduct educational seminars, provide a forum for the discussion of subjects pertaining to the profession, and publish information relating thereto.

  • To further the exchange of professional knowledge and to disseminate information with respect to the profession; and to advance the interests and general welfare of the profession.


  • Region Directors are always anxious to involve their members in Region projects, community projects that the Region becomes involved in, and in general, they welcome input, suggestions and comments from members. If you would like to get involved with your Region, please contact your Region Director.
  • Periodically, the association needs members to fill open Board of Director positions, coordinator positions or to assist a coordinator with their assigned tasks.

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